Fortunately, Windows provides options for protecting some data during a system reset. You may experience several system problems while operating your system. While most issues have easy fixes, sometimes resetting the PC is the only possible solution. You have successfully removed the password from the user account and can sign in without entering the password. This is the simplest, easiest, yet best way to unlock Windows 10 PC without changing the system settings or risking privacy or security.

As we saw in rolling back the steps above it is essential to choose the correct partition scheme. If we choose the wrong partition scheme then the trick to install Windows 11 on an old PC will not work. Let us have a detailed look at the steps on how you can check your partition scheme. Once that is done, just below devices there is an option to choose an ISO file. Click on Select ISO and choose the Windows 10 ISO.

In fact, as for different laptop manufacturers, the specific key is different. For instance, Dell , Acer (Alt+ F10), HP , Samsung, Lenovo , Asus , Toshiba and more. Suppose that you want to boot from a recovery disc, to change the boot order should be done. Or your laptop is picking up a virus or you only want to remove all your files, passwords, programs and other sensitive information and then throw away the laptop. When you search “laptop factory reset” on the internet, you will find many searching results. Thereinto, the above example is the one question asked by many users.

Solution 8- Using Screen Capture Plugin

This will lead you through the steps you need to take to install from an installation device. As part of the minimum system requirements, Windows 11 only runs on devices with a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 security coprocessor. According to Microsoft, the TPM 2.0 coprocessor is a “critical building block” for protection against firmware and hardware attacks. In addition, Microsoft now requires devices with Windows 11 to include virtualization-based security , hypervisor-protected code integrity , and Secure Boot built-in and enabled by default. The operating system also features hardware-enforced stack protection for supported Intel and AMD processors for protection against zero-day exploits.

But if you’re resetting your PC, this is a great option. Windows 8.1 has the same feature; however, I like how Microsoft improved it with Windows 10. Previously they separated the feature into Windows Refresh vs. Windows Reset.

For Windows 11 users:

Apparently even the Pro upgrade rarely ever works. I have some Win10 licenses in stock, but again, the idea of this blowing that much cash to exit… I’ve tried everything from first 2 pages of google and a ton of other stuff.

Use the Game bar to take a screenshot or record your screen

A “reset” of Windows 8 removes all personal files from your computer. If you have the Windows 7 installation disc available, you can use it to perform a repair of your computer , a restore if System Restore is enabled, or to reinstall Windows 7. Reinstalling Windows Vista will delete all personal files. Use Easy Recovery Essentials to backup your files before you proceed. Reinstalling Windows XP will delete all personal files. Follow these instructions on how to burn the bootable ISO image very carefully, as making a bootable CD can be tricky!