It will automatically assign a side of the screen to the Window and split the window over there. One can do the same for a new window, and you’ll find yourself enjoying a split-screen setup in no time. Once you have your app windows set in place, you can switch the active window/tab using the Alt + Tab shortcut. For this, press and hold the key combination to scroll through the apps and release it on the app you want to select. Once the snap windows feature is activated, you can start managing your desktop to your preference and have multiple apps running side-by-side.

In the video above I share a tip for using split screen to debug and step through VBA code. This allows us to see the changes that are made to the Excel file as the code is running. It’s the beginning of the year and that might mean it’s time to organize files and folders.


The steps will look pretty similar for the most part, but double-check your settings. For this demonstration, we will cover the steps to split your screen using an iPad. If you have an Android tablet, the steps are similar to the Android Phone covered further below. Now that both windows are site oficial smaller, you can resize and adjust the windows so that you see both side-by-side.

Of course we could resize the windows manually to achieve this effect, but both operating systems have features that make split screen easy to enable. To split your screen into two windows, you have two options. First, you can click on an app’s title bar, hold it, and drag the window to the left or right side. Then, place another app by following the same method. Second, you can select an app and press theWin+Left/Right arrowkey.

Online Store

Notably, resetting Microsoft Store has helped several users facing similar issues to fix it. The process will get completed within a few seconds. Once the process is complete, Windows 11 will show you a confirmation message stating “You have switched out of S mode and can now install apps from outside the Store.” That’s it. Microsoft have been gradually pushing users into the world of subscription services and managed devices for years now. When I compile software for x64 I use a WIN64 switch and when x86 I use WIN32 switch, the latter will start wow3264 engine to run on x64 windows.

Windows 10: UEFI boot entry in BIOS

I’ve had testers of that operating system run with ease. In fact, I thank you for adding in the 640X480 DISABLEDWM part, but I’m still getting laggy cutscenes. I’ve already used this code , but I can’t seem to get it to work.